First Year: First Semester

PHTH 1000 Introduction to Physical Therapy

PHTH 1010 Principles of Patient Care

PHTH 1211 Anatomy and Physiology I

GEEN 1101 English as a Second Language I

GEIC 1010 Information and Computer Literacy


First Year: Second Semester

PHTH 1222 Therapeutic Modalities

PHTH 1223 Pathology

PHTH 2051 Communication Skills in Physical Therapy

PHTH 1212 Anatomy and Physiology II

GESP 1101 Literature and Communication: Narrative and Essay  


Second Year: First Semester

PHTH 2053 Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy

PHTH 2054 Kinesiology and Functional Anatomy

PHTH 2055 Growth and Human Development

PHTH 2050 Emotional Dimension of Physical Incapacity

GESP 1102 Literature and Communication: Poetry and Theater

GEHS 2010 Historic Process of Puerto Rico


Second Year: Second Semester

PHTH 2151 Orthopedic Rehabilitation

PHTH 2350 Neurological Rehabilitation

PHTH 2921 Internship in Physical Therapy I

GEEN 1102 English as a Second Language II

GEMA 1000 Quantitative Reasoning  


Third Year: First Semester

PHTH 2990 Integration Seminar

PHTH 2922 Internship in Physical Therapy II

PHTH 2923 Internship in Physical Therapy III

GECF 1010 The Christian Faith (online course)  


General Education Requirements: 24 credit hours

Specialized Course Requirements: 50 credit hours

Total Credit Hours: 74